Google Search Quick Tip #3

Tip #3: Click on the multicolored microphone icon in right hand side of the Google search box to search by voice.

Wouldn’t it be handy if we could perform Google searches without having to type in our search queries? Google’s amazing Voice Search technology allows us to do just that.

Google Search Tip #3 - Google Voice Search

All you have to do is click the microphone icon in the search bar. A banner will appear at the top of your browser to indicate that Google is “listening”.

Then, speak your query loudly and clearly. Google will automatically detect the end of your query and perform the search, displaying results as they would appear normally. Google will also speak back a snippet of the top result (unless you have disabled this feature under “Search Settings”).

Google’s voice search is invaluable when you can pronounce a word but can’t spell it. Another great time to use this feature is when you need to quickly set a timer in the kitchen – just click on the mic icon and say “set a timer for 10 minutes” and Google will automatically start counting down!

Happy Googling!

Note: You will need a device with a microphone in order to take advantage of Google’s voice search feature.