Google Search Quick Tip #5

Tip #5: Use the Color dropdown (under Tools) to search for images with a predominant color.

This feature is extremely helpful when you’re searching for images to fit with an existing color scheme. It can also be used to narrow in on a particular variation of a certain product.

First, switch to Image Search by clicking the Images tab under the search bar. Then, click the Tools button to open the toolbar menu and click Color to bring up a dropdown menu.

You can select a color swatch or opt for “Full color”, “Black and white” ¬†or “Transparent”. As soon as you choose, your results will be refreshed according to the criteria that you have selected.

Below, I have done a search for [cat], then refined results using the Color dropdown to show only orange kitties.

Google Search Tip #5 - Google Image Search by Color

Happy Googling!