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2016 was a year filled with a highly diverse assortment of web and print projects. My primary clients were two large Bermudian companies, consisting of multiple websites for each of their associated businesses and restaurants. A few of my smaller side projects included Wordpress builds for a rental property in Bermuda, a glass business in California and a dog boarding service in Oregon.

Offline, I compiled research and wrote roughly 6,000 words for the Best of Bermuda 2016 Awards. I also worked closely with a Bermudian fashion startup to create island-themed vector graphics and patterns for their line of men's clothing.

2016 was also the year that I began uploading my recent digital art for purchase. You can browse some of my favorite "panoramaspheres" over on my Society 6 profile page.

Recent Client Work

The Waterfront Group: Web Design

The Waterfront Group A large Bermudian corporation consisting of The Waterfront Properties, a residential and office development; Miles Market, a gourmet grocery store and caterer; PW Marine, a boat retailer and repair center; and Harry's, an upscale restaurant.

I has hired to re-design The Waterfront Group's entire online presence, including each of the individual websites for their four company branches. Management wanted the domains to be cohesive stylistically yet remain distinct entities. They also hoped to promote traffic from one to another with easy navigation and a portal landing page site that wasn't overly distracting to users.

In 2017 I will be designing and building the website for The Waterfront's new private gym.

The Bermudian Magazine: Research & Writing

The Bermudian is Bermuda's oldest magazine publication. Every year they host the Best of Bermuda Awards, which recognize leaders in a variety of categories from "Best Plumber" to "Best Place to Buy Men's Ties". These winners are selected by a panel of "industry-familiar" judges; once finalized, the list of winners and an audio transcript of the judges' meeting is given to the writer for that year.

2016 was my third year writing for the Best of Bermuda awards. I was responsible for two categories: Clothing & Accessories and Shopping & Services. The challenge is always to condense the comments made during the judging panel into a short yet interesting blurb that captures the essence of each of the winners. Also a factor is the strict print deadline and word count limits.

The 2016 Best of Bermuda Awards will be released Summer 2016.

Dining Bermuda: Web Design

Dining Bermuda One of Bermuda's most well-known group of restaurants that needed a refresh for all of their very outdated websites. The challenge has been coordinating designs and content with all of the admins and restaurant managers; it's taught me the value in having one go-to liaison that acts as an intermediary between myself and the various key individuals involved in a project.

In a few cases I was asked to convert existing sites, which were OK from a design standpoint but running on an outdating code backend (.asp), to Wordpress. This enables admins to manage content themselves, though I do continue to act as technical contact should there be any issue or question.

Completed thus far: Cafe 4, Harbourfront, La Trattoria, Lido Complex, Catering and the parent company, Dining Bermuda.

Personal Projects

Bermuda Mapp An easy-to-use online directory of important landmarks and businesses across the island of Bermuda. Unlike alternative tourist resources that are either a) incomplete, b) text-based or c) boring, this interactive map pulls from a very extensive, hand-compiled and researched database; displays markers in a map view format; and is both engaging and visually appealing. Users can choose to browse by category or search for a specific landmark by name.

The first version was built in 2013 using AJAX to fetch locations from a MySQL database. In late 2015 I restructured the webapp to use Angular on top of a Firebase backend. Bermuda Mapp 2.0 was my first foray into both Angular and Firebase so it's very much a work in progress.

Bermuda Mapp Ferry Scheduler To allow locals and visitors plan their travel routes using Bermuda's (otherwise very confusing) ferry service. The webapp shows users all of the times and routes available given their origin, destination and date of travel.

Photoshop Art & Album Covers

Travel & Food Photography