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Amy Peniston

My name is Amy Peniston and I am a freelance Web Designer, Writer and Content Creator from the island of Bermuda.

For the past three years I have worked with various individuals, small businesses and large organizations to design and build websites. My weapons of choice are HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP and a decent amount of JS/jQuery. I know my way around MySQL, MAMP and Wordpress environments and understand enough Git to get the job done. On the front end, I am fluent in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and am working on improving my InDesign skills. I'm also very interested in Virtual Reality and am playing with Unreal Engine and Google Cardboard.

In mid-2017, I published my first online course on Udemy: Mastering Google Search.

I am highly capable of working independently, alongside developers, admins, project managers and other content creators.


I have worked with a variety of clients in Bermuda and the US, including: an investment start-up, a life coach, multiple restaurants, a shipping company, an environmental t-shirt start-up, a scaffolding company, a landscaping company, a rental property, a glass retailer and many more.

The above thumbnails represent just a few of the websites, business cards, event flyers and logos that I have created over the past three years.

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How It All Began...

In 2012, I graduated Duke University with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering. I stumbled into web design by chance, after starting a personal Wordpress blog. After a few months of learning the basics of web programming, I offered my services to family and friends, expanding my repertoire as I went. Since then I have taken numerous online certificate courses and bootcamps to improve my skills. I strive to learn something new every day.

What I love about this field is that it never gets stale. There’s always a new technique to master and article to read. I can’t think of a better incentive to stay hungry and keep learning.

When Not Behind A Keyboard...

...I'm probably traveling. After I graduated, I trekked to Burning Man, evaded carpet salesmen at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, rode a camel in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza and roadtripped up the East Coast in my red pickup truck. Travel provides great perspective when I am working and studying back in Bermuda.

I have a particular fondness for live music, especially reggae, electronic and classic rock. My father and I have an ongoing tradition of attending at least one festival every year.

I do a bit of writing from time to time. My personal blog houses some of my best food recipes; my web archive does the same for interesting code snippets. Recently, I've started sharing Google Search tips & tricks on my online productivity blog to help promote my new Udemy Course.

In mid-2016 I received my IFPA Pilates Certification and I enjoy practicing these skills on a daily basis.


Please shoot me an email at amy@amypeniston.com. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Behance or LinkedIn. Check out my latest recipes and snarky commentary on my blog, www.theflyingone.com.